The Lost City

Director: Andy García

Actors: Andy Garcia, Nestor Carbonell, Bill Murray, Dustin Hoffman, Enrique Murciano, Steven Bauer, Victor Rivers, Jsu Garcia

USA Rating: R for violence.

Genre: drama

Subject: political

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Entire Film: 41


Luis (Carbonell): 3
Ricardo (Murciano): 1
Colonel Candela: 3
El Indio (Rivers): 4
Che Guevera (Jsu Garcia): 1

Message From Peligro: 1
Rodney: 1
Blown-Up Dancer: 1
Palace Raid: 19
Post-Raid Crackdown: 2
Luis & Co.: 4
Field Ambush: 9
Uncle Donoso: 1
Ricardo's Suicide: 1

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