Saving Private Ryan

Directors: Steven Spielberg

Actors: Tom Hanks, Tom Sizemore, Edward Burns, Matt Damon, Barry Pepper

USA Rating: R for intense prolonged realistically graphic sequences of war violence, and for language.

Genre: war

Subjects: military, epic

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Entire Film:  255


Captain Miller (Hanks): 9
Private Jackson (Pepper): 8
Corporal Henderson (Max Martini): 7
Private Reiben (Burns): 7
Private Mellish (Adam Goldberg): 7
Private Ryan (Damon): 4
Sergeant Horvath (Sizemore): 4
Private Parker (Demetri Goritsas): 4
Private Doyle (Glenn Wrage): 4
Lieutenant DeWindt (Leland Orser): 3
Private Trask (Ian Porter): 3
Steamboat Willie (Joerg Stadler): 2
Private Rice (Gary Sefton): 1
Corporal Upham (Jeremy Davies): 1

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