Director: Steven Spielberg

Actors:  Eric Bana, Daniel Craig

MPAA Rating: R for strong graphic violence, some sexual content, nudity and language.

Genre: drama, thriller

Subjects: hitmen, political, adaptations: books

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Contributing Source: JenGe

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Entire Film:  49
Misc: One target mentioned dying in hospital,
other attacks (airport,embassy) discussed but not shown


Avner (Bana): 4
Steve (Craig): 3
Robert (Mathieu Kassovitz): 3
Hans (Hanns Zischler): 2

Olympic Village: 3
Author: 1 (shot by Avner & Robert)
Olympic Hotel: 1 (bomb by Robert)
Beirut docks: 7
Targets & collateral in Beirut: 5
Beirut Streets: 11
Athens Hotels: 1 (grenade by Hanns)
Athens streets: 2 (shot: 1 by Avner, 1 by Steve)
Karl: 1
Hit woman: 1 (by Avner, Steve, & Hanns)
Hanns: 1
Robert: 1 (kills himself accidentally)
Salameh's House: 1 (shot by Avner & Steve)
Airport: 13 (9 hostages, 4 hostage takers)